Mp3-pack: Coco Morier, Lover Lover, Ghost Loft


[Here’s a few electro-pop tunes we’ve come across that may help jump start your week…]

Coco Morier, “Explosions” – We’ve introduced you to her catchy tunes “Journey to the Center of the World” and “Ambulance,” but since Nicole Morier was one-half of Electrocute and a co-author of tunes for Britney Spears and Junkie XL in the past, we knew there was more. “Explosions,” off the same self-titled EP, brightly coos with slinky beats that nicely preview the liveliness at her shows full of neon colors and eccentric dancers in outrageous costumes. Coco Morier plays April 18 at the Bootleg with the Child and the Donnies the Amys.

Lover Lover, “Embers” – Lover Lover’s “Embers” shimmers beautifully amid warm sepia-colored tones. London’s Eleanor Bodenham meticulously combines breezy Fleetwood Mac-like melodies and soothing vocals that teeter-totter on the edge of modern dance music but always pulls itself back in to nostalgic waves that wash over the audio senses. Lover Lover plays its L.A. show April 18 at the Central SAPC.

Ghost Loft, “Blow” – This one is for the R&B lovers. Glossy but smooth, L.A. producer Danny Choi comes out of nowhere with songs like “Blow” which samples the late Aaliyah and has a great INOJ reference (whether it was his intention or not). Choi only has two songs up online (with the other being “Slowdowntime”), but it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise if he starts to creep on the turf of your favorite chillwave artists and pop-tailors like Wise Blood. It’s R&B as filtered through a vintage video game that’s been left out in the sun too long, and you’re bound to warm up to it with each listen.

Photo by Guillermo Prieto