Ears Wide Open: Geronimo Getty


Aaron Kyle has dialed it back, but in no way should the Los Angeles singer-songwriter’s new approach be considered a retreat. As frontman of the swampy Americana outfit Le Switch, Kyle’s big, boozy vocals were fit for a New Orleans saloon. Now doing business as Geronimo Getty, he brings tempered, tremulous tones to the table on his new EP, “Darkness Hides.” Geronimo Getty’s country-fried stylings are more Man in Black (or Waylon and Willie) than Mardi Gras, and a host of local players bring their talents to EP, including ex-Le Switch guitarist Chris Harrison, who takes up that instrument as well as mandolin, banjo and lap steel. Morgan Germar contributes strings, with Seb Bailey (bass), Brian Sokia (drums) and Valerie McCann (background vocals) joining in. “Darkness Hides” arrives on Tuesday, and it’ll make you glad Kyle didn’t.

||| Download: “Darkness Hides”

Photo by Jean Claude