Stream: Youngblood Hawke, ‘We Come Running’


Youngblood Hawke sank its hooks in L.A. audiences early last summer with the single “Rootless,” one of those anthems-for-these-uncertain-times that boasted an irresistible chorus. Coming from minds of Sam Martin and Simon Katz – both former members of Iglu & Hartly – Youngblood Hawke’s first EP bore even more pop goodness, and unlike their previous band, precious little of it was wasted on puerile party songs. With Tasso Smith, Alice Katz and Nik Hughes aboard to make YBH a quintet, Universal Republic snapped up the band, which has been squirreled away working on material for an album. With a major label involved, of course, anything can happen. And some of the material YBH test-drove at a SXSW showcase in March scared the bejesus out of us – I mean, can’t we just leave the party rap to the likes of Shwayze? Then this week Youngblood Hawke sent to radio the new single “We Come Running” (officially out Aug. 14), and again the fivesome has shown its skills at grabbing hold of the pop jugular vein. The song’s secret weapon is the West Los Angeles Children’s Choir, and if those cherubic voices sound familiar, it’s with good reason. They also did background on arguably the biggest pop anthem of 2012, Fun’s “We Are Young.”

||| Live: Youngblood Hawke will be playing Echo Park Rising on Aug. 25. Lineup and details to come.