Stream: Wake Up Lucid, ‘I Want’


Wake Up Lucid-CP-8-3-2013

The best thing about Wake Up Lucid is that the L.A. trio doesn’t clean up well. Oh, don’t take that literally; besides, the trio of cousins – Ryan, Ian and Jamie Baca – generally play their loud, sweaty sets on stages so dark you couldn’t tell if they were wearing peacock feathers. No, it’s more a commentary Wake Up Lucid’s dirty blues, which makes precious few compromises when it comes to prettiness. While waiting for a follow-up to their 2012s full-length “Feel It,” the threesome this fall conspired on a split 7-inch via Near Mess Records.  With the Dead Ships’ “Golden Room” holding down one side, Wake Up Lucid “Let It Roll” on the other. Also included (and liable to be overlooked) is the digital-only B-side “I Want,” the three-minute scorcher. In the interests of full disclosure, get ’em here.

||| Stream: “I Want” and “Let It Roll”

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Photo by Carl Pocket