Premiere: Arrica Rose & the …’s, ‘Love You Like That’



Arrica Rose has the vocal gravitas to inhabit any number of personas – rocker grrrl, pop diva, folk storyteller, indie confessionalist. The L.A.-based singer-songwriter displays much of that range on the new Arrica Rose & the …’s album “Wavefunction” (out Nov. 4 via pOprOck Records). The album, the follow-up to 2013’s “Lucky” EP, exhibits a striking duality, not just in songwriting tone but in the way it was produced and manufactured. Written between stints in the Bay Area and southern California, “Wavefunction” is an exercise in extremes, designed specially for vinyl – A-side vs. B-side, upbeat songs vs. downtempo. One song, “Oh the Day, Then the Night,” appears on both sides in drastically different articulations. The album was even produced and mastered in two ways, courtesy of Daniel Garcia in his downtown L.A. Radio Hill Recorders studio. There is a compressed version for those listen to music digitally and “High Dynamic Range Audio” version, which, the producer explains, leaves intact the music’s “intended dynamics.” No matter how you listen to it, the single “Love You Like That” is a brisk, horn-infused rocker that showcases “Wavefunction’s” calling card, Rose’s dynamic voice.

||| Stream: “Love You Like That”

||| Live: Arrica Rose & the …’s celebrate their album release with a show Dec. 12 at the Silverlake Lounge.