Ears Wide Open: Mothlight


Matt Billings began making music as Mothlight while in college in Santa Barbara, releasing three EPs, relocating to San Diego and eventually teaming up with Grant Stevens on the 2014 full-length “Calico.” Now based in L.A. and with a third member, drummer Andrew Smith, on board, Mothlight continues explorations in all that is cinematic and dreamy. More synth-driven that some of Mothlight’s earlier shoegazing, the new track “Annie” is an homage to Pulitzer Prize-winning author Annie Dillard, an “appreciation of solace and presence her work has given to countless artists both lyrically and musically,” the band says. Over lush orchestration, Billings’ ascendant vocals recall the Shins or Bon Iver; it’s all pretty celestial and inspiring itself. The song, which was recorded in L.A.’s Converse Rubbar Tracks studio, is already getting some remixes too; the trio has made the stems available to download.

||| Stream: “Annie”

||| Live: Mothlight plays tonight at Harvard & Stone.