Video: White Denim, ‘Holda You (I’m Psycho)’

White Denim (photo by Drew Anthony Smith)
White Denim (Photo by Drew Anthony Smith)

Austin darlings White Denim have released a new single, “Holda You (I’m Psycho),” ahead of the March 25 release of “Stiff” via Downtown Records — a follow-up LP to 2013’s Jeff Tweedy- and Jim Vollentine-produced “Corsicana Lemonade.” They’ve been busy in the last three years, most noticeably with a lineup change after guitarist Austin Jenkins and drummer Josh Block discovered and began working with Leon Bridges, who at the time was a dishwasher singing between sets at a Texas bar. Now drummer Jeff Olson and guitarist Jonathan Horne join James Petralli and Steven Terebecki to round out the quartet.

Going on their seventh release, White Denim have boasted an array of varying sonic landscapes over the years – from bluesy rock and folk, to a more psychedelic tone, to throwing in some Ron Burgundy-style jazz flute – and have basically conquered every rock sub-genre known to man. Their songwriting is consistently intricate, and “Holda You (I’m Psycho)” is no exception. The good-time jam showcases dizzying guitar riffs, soulful vocals and a delightful call-and-response between Petralli and Horne’s guitar. However, it’s the oddly mesmerizing Michael “Operation Rock A Pussy” Lovely who steals the show as the star of the “Holda You (I’m Psycho)” video. Lovely took third place at the Air Guitar World Championships last year (yes, it’s a real thing). Steve Terebecki, who placed second in the Austin Air Guitar Championships himself, possesses a certain fondness for the sport (?) and was, naturally, excited to have a pro like Lovely on board. He shows off his skills, and sexy dad bod, rocking all white denim on a dock, with wolves, in outer space, and atop a flying eagle … because ’Merica.

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