Stream: Drinking Flowers, ‘Black Monday’

Drinking Flowers
Drinking Flowers

Orange County-bred quintet Drinking Flowers buzzed their way onto the scene with EPs in 2013 and 2014 that embraced what they called “apocalyptic pop” — a noisy hybrid of psych- and garage-rock. From there, we suppose, it’s only a half-step to post-punk, which is where we find the band on “Black Monday,” the first single from its full-length “New Swirled Order,” due March 18 via the recently rebooted Manifesto Records. Singer-guitarist Alex Galindo said it came to him in a moment of malaise while sitting in his living room. “I was depressed, completely uninspired from my day job, and felt trapped,” he explains. “I wanted to make a really dumb and simple pop song with a lot of repetition and only a couple variations floating around. It’s sort of a metaphor for the constant flow of un-creative, non-liberating work most of us find ourselves doing.” So imagine Peter Murphy fronting the Cure. And have a dark day.

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