Stream: Kid Bloom, ‘I Kissed a Girl, and She Kissed Me’

Kid Bloom
Kid Bloom

In the year-plus they’ve been pounding the pavement, musical changelings Kid Bloom have explored the jagged edges of indie-rock and the woozy environs of psych-pop, and some territory in between. The L.A. quintet have but two formal releases, both singles, and the latest, “I Kissed a Girl, and She Kissed Me,” is a slippery jingle set atop warm R&B synths and a fuzzy guitar line. It’s in and out of your ears in 2 1/2 minutes, not uncommon for one of Kid Bloom’s compositions. It always seems like the band — Lennon Kloser, Jesse Perlman, Josh Conway, Brad Bowers and Alex Canter — can’t wait to move on to the next thing. This one might be better if the kiss lingered longer, but isn’t that always the case?

||| Stream: “I Kissed a Girl, and She Kissed Me”

||| Live: Kid Bloom plays Saturday at the Hi Hat.

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