Video: Dante Elephante, ‘Yung Gurls’

Dante Elephante (photo by Cara Robbins)

The exotic waters of the Long Beach Aquarium set the scene for Dante Elephante‘s “Yung Gurls” video, directed by Ryan Simon. This dreamy surf-pop song from “Anglo-Saxon Summer,” the band’s Lolipop Records-released full-length, starts off with a melody that conjures Buddy Holly’s “Everyday” before careening off in another direction, somewhere isolated, warm, and water-colored that lead singer/casanova Ruben Zarate’s takes his ladies to get romantic, despite the fact they break his heart. Zarate keeps asserting that he “wants to stay here with you,” but which lucky ‘gurl’ deserves to be on the receiving end of this promised cuddle session in the jellyfish room?

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