Download: Lissie, ‘Daughters’ (and all of ‘Compilation for a Cause’)


One consequence of our turbulent political times is the uptick in activism from the artistic community — and its side benefit of rewards for music lovers. For instance: “Compilation for a Cause, Vol. 1.” The 11-track digital album (which comes with an optional poster by artist Kate Levitt), released in December, comes via the nonprofit I HEART Inc. and singer-songwriter Arrica Rose of Arrica Rose & the …’s. Proceeds from this, the organization’s third compilation, benefit the American Civil Liberties Union, and for a minimum donation of a fiver you get to hear some pretty special people. Lending songs to the comp are Lissie (“Daughters” from her 2016 album “My Wild West”), Haroula Rose (“This Old House” from “Here the Blue River”), Hot As Sun (“I Can Feel Your Love” from the “Little Friend” EP) and James Apollo (“You and Me and Him” from “Little War, Little Less”). Not to mention Sophe Luz & the Mystic, Waz,
Correatown, Deep Dark Blue, Eight Belles, Thor and Friends and Rose herself. In other news, the “Artists for the Ethical Treatment of Music” T-shirts are kind of cool, too.

||| Stream: “Compilation for a Cause, Vol. 1”