Video: Cate Le Bon ‘Rock Pool’

Cate Le Bon (photo by Ivana Kličković)

Nine months after the release of Cate Le Bon‘s “Crab Day,” Drag City brings “Rock Pool” into the world as a 12-inch on Jan. 27. These four songs were created during the same session, wherein Le Bon gathered some of her musician friends in Northern California and explored the textures of possibility that her whimsical, introspective melodies could generate. In the title track’s video, created by Casey Raymond, Le Bon strolls through rock pools wearing a tall hat, makes shapes with her arms, plays with large scissors, wears more hats, and waves at the camera, as the scene shifts sporadically like a dream, complete with rune stones and doors leading to a mysterious, milky pink, purple and green abyss.

||| Watch: “Rock Pool”

||| Live: Cate Le Bon performs Jan. 12 at Highland Park Ebell Club. Tickets.