Photos: Portugal. The Man at Club Bahia

Portugal. The Man at Club Bahia (Photo by Annie Lesser)
Portugal. The Man at Club Bahia (Photo by Annie Lesser)

Portland indie-rockers Portugal. The Man satiated their hard-core fans with a cozy show Tuesday night at Club Bahia, performing a heaping helping of songs off their 2013 album “Evil Friends” and a couple new ones, including “Noise Pollution” and the latest single “Feel It Still.”

The latter two figure to appear on the band’s new album “Woodstock,” their first since 2013, to be released later this year. The new album, their eighth, comes after the longest dry spell ever for the band, which explained recently that they spent three years working on an album titled “Gloomin + Doomin” before scrapping all that material and starting anew.

They began Tuesday’s show with “Purple Yellow Red and Blue” off “Evil Friends;” they sprinkled in some favorites such as 2007’s “Church Mouth,” 2008’s “And I,” 2009’s “People Say” and 2011’s “Got It All (This Can’t Be Living Now);” and they included covers of “Day Man” from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and Ghostface Killah’s “All Your Light (Times Like These) / A Kilo.”

Setlist: Purple Yellow Red and Blue, Chicago, Head Is a Flame (Cool With It), Got It All (This Can’t Be Living Now), Once Was One, Waves, And I, Hip Hop Kids, Feel It Still, Holy Roller (Hallelujah), Noise Pollution, Evil Friends / Day Man, So American, People Say, Creep in a T-Shirt, Modern Jesus, All Your Light (Times Like These) / A Kilo, I Want You (She’s So Heavy). Encore: Church Mouth, Atomic Man

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Photos by Annie Lesser