Photos: The Mountain Goats at the Mayan

The Mountain Goats (photo by Samantha Saturday)

The Mountain Goats performed a whopping 27-song set at the Mayan on Wednesday night, primarily comprised of music from the band’s latest album “Goths,” a record dedicated to goth legends of the past, but fan favorites dating back to the 1990s made their way in towards end of the set and two encores. On this tour, John Darnielle and bassist Peter Hughes, brought along the familiar faces of drummer John Wurster (Superchunk) and Matt Douglas on keys, saxophone, guitar and backing vocals, both having played with the band in the past.

Darnielle was in great spirits, offering banter to the audience between songs and thanking them profusely for being there. While originally from North Carolina, Darnielle has spent most of his life in Southern California, and the state serves as a backdrop for many Mountain Goats songs. During “San Bernardino,” Darnielle delighted in the crowd singing back the lyric “San Bernardino welcomes you.” The mood was interactive and intimate. Darnielle told many stories about the songs, and got up close and personal with fans singing in the front row. Holy Sons warmed up the stage with an opening set.

Setlist: Rain in Soho, Stench of the Unburied, Harlem Roulette, In the Craters on the Moon, Wear Black, Unicorn Tolerance, Fortune Came Today (Wckr Spgt cover), From TG&Y, You’re in Maya, Song for My Stepfather, Song for an Old Friend, I’ve Got the Sex, San Bernardino, Paid in Cocaine, Andrew Eldritch Is Moving Back to Leeds, The Young Thousands, Broom People, Heel Turn 2. First encore: We Do It Different on the West Coast, Up the Wolves, No Children, Abandoned Flesh, Spent Gladiator 2, This Year. Second encore: The Diaz Brothers, Palmcorder Yajna, California Song

Photos by Samantha Saturday