Photos: The Anniversary at The Troubadour

The Anniversary (photo by Samantha Saturday)

In  reunion of early-Aughts emo acts like The Get Up Kids and Hey Mercedes, Kansas band The Anniversary made their return to Los Angeles for their first local club date in 14 years — not including their performance at 2016’s Taste of Chaos festival. One of the most beloved bands of that scene, this time around they were able to bring along keyboardist/vocalist Adrianne Verhoeven, who delivered her first child around the time of ToC. The band played a variety of fan favorites from both “Designing a Nervous Breakdown” and “Your Majesty” as well as a selection of songs off the band’s various EPs. While introducing “I Believe that the End Of The Reign of Terror is Soon Near,” a song from a split EP with Hot Rod Circuit on Vagrant Records, Verhoeven and singer Josh Berwanger joked about the label’s dismay at the length of the song they turned in for the EP. “I think we sent them a 9-minute song … and a dick pic,” Verhoeven told the crowd. Seattle’s Dude York and Fullbloods from Kansas City opened the show.

Photos by Samantha Saturday