Video: Gaslamp Killer, ‘Sins: The Instrumentalepathy Album Film’

The Gaslamp Killer (photo by B+)

A naked lady blowing bubbles, a pig-faced man eating hot dogs while hooked up to an IV drip of peas, a magician swallowing a selfie stick, an old guy with long nasty fingernails sitting in the dark—these are just some of the images depicting the seven deadly sins in the short film from The Gaslamp Killer. Directed by Marielle Tepper, “Sins: The Instrumentalepathy Album Film” uses bits from different tracks off GLK’s 2016 album, including “Listen for My Whistle” and “Good Morning,” among others. Some parts are gruesome, others funny. Tepper says she set out “to make a video that is engaging, surprising and fun to watch-adjectives that, to me, add up to a positive experience.  Sins are not only a part of life; they are, as often as not, a lot of fun.” The video culminates in a little boy leaving his computer to join a dinner scene reminiscent of The Last Supper. She says, “In Christian tradition, sinning is, by definition, negative.  But, to me, sins are descriptions of certain behaviors—not thoughts. So, I tried to separate those actions from the judgment that is always fastened to them: Negativism.”

||| Watch: “Sins: The Instrumentalepathy Album Film”

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