Video: Sister Mantos, ‘My Love Shines Up In Circles’

Sister Mantos (photo by Jessica Hanley)

Sister Mantos and Jeepneys teamed up to create a funky tropical jam, “My Love Shines Up In Circles,” blending their music styles and love of colorful crazy visuals. If you’ve ever seen a Jeepneys video — start with “In The Tree” — Anna Luisa Petrisko carries a signature color scheme, leotards, a love of nature and movement and a funny alien persona that traverses the forest like it’s a dance club, all of which makes for a great collaboration with wildman Oscar Mantos. Centered around spacey synths and beachy percussion, the song feels like a party on an outer space disco cruise. They created an immersive 360 virtual reality music video, enlisting the the help of VR editor Jessica G.Z. Gonzales and a Theta S camera echoing the “circles” referenced in the lyrics with an exploratory visual experience.

“We wanted to create an alien-like fairy tale, a visual acid-trip,” says Mantos, “and we’re interested in continuing our shared trajectory of creating Brown-Futurist Sci-Fi work. In both of our work we like to challenge the idea of sci-fi being a white hetero-normative place and strive to make space for Brown Queer Aliens!!!” 

And if you happen to have Google Cardboard VR Goggles, put them on…

||| Watch: “My Love Shines Up In Circles”

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