Video: Majken, ‘Corner of 69’


Majken is the nom de tune of L.A.-based Scandinavian Majken Christensen, who makes music for when the surf’s up in Copenhagen. Her West Coast twist on Euro-pop is very beholden to Nico and the Velvet Underground, but the marriage of her impassive vocals and ticklish guitars is as charming as the teenager who gives you extra sprinkles on your ice cream cone for no reason at all. Majken came on the radar in March 2016 with “Dreaming of Franco,” and her full-length “Dancing Mountains,” written between L.A., Paris and her native land, was originally scheduled for a 2016 release. It’ll be out Aug. 25. It features production by Jesse Nolan (of Caught a Ghost) and Maxime Sokolinski (SoKo’s talented kid brother) and follows Majken’s first EP “Deronda Hotel,” with five songs from that release having been reworked for the album. The video for “Color of 69,” directed by Ericka Clevenger and Majken, is a fun romp through downtown and nearby environs that will make you wish you were (smiling) along for the ride.

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