Stream: Northern National, ‘MoneyBlind’

Northern National (photo by Sean Berry)
Northern National (photo by Sean Berry)

New Dallas quintet Northern National deliver straightforward indie-rock that sounds like it’s been pulled from an episode of (insert any CW show here). The five-piece — Michael Rossi (vocals, guitar), Michael Kanne (keys, percussion), Dylan Greene (bass), Andrew Supulski (lead guitar), and Anthony Comas (drums) — have only been around since 2016. Despite their short duration together, Northern National already have a five-song EP, “The New Age,” produced by Dan Stringer (X Ambassadors, Ms. Lauryn Hill), under their belt, along with more than 1 million Spotify streams. Not an easy feat for such a young band with a DIY approach.

Their latest single, “MoneyBlind,” has everything you’d expect from a catchy indie jam: clap-worthy percussion, melodic vocals, steady build and sincere lyrics like, “I feel hopeless lost in a sea of gold / Masking sorrow stuck in the skin I own.” As the band looks to their future, they view “MoneyBlind” as a “warning and reminder that however much success we achieve — to not sacrifice the people, morals and loved ones that matter in your life to achieve that success.” Future success aside, these Texans are currently gearing up to record their second EP later this month. Northern National see themselves as a family, “a family with jam sessions, guitar solos, laughter, beautiful mustaches, and tight skinny black jeans.” If this whole music thing doesn’t work out, at least they have facial hair going for them.

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