Photos: Hunny at the Teragram Ballroom

Hunny at the Teragram Ballroom (Photo by Jessica Hanley
Hunny at the Teragram Ballroom (Photo by Jessica Hanley

As is the case at a lot of Hunny shows, there was plenty of crowd participation at the L.A. rockers’ blowout on Friday night at the Teragram Ballroom. Frontman Jason Yarger engaged the crowd all night, directing the crowd-surfers while leading the band through songs old and new. Hunny performed three new songs, all the material on their latest EP “Windows I” and favorites such as “Natalie,” “July” and “Cry for Me.”

“Three years ago we were just playing songs in Joey’s basement and now were here,” keyboardist Kevin Grimmett told the crowd. “Thanks for coming out.” The crowd responded enthusiastically, with one fan hopping up on stage during the break in the song “Televised.” “You hopped up at an unfortunate time,” Yarger told her, but instead of ruining the vibe he instructed drummer Joey Anderson to “give her a beat to jump to,” and she hopped into the crowd. Finally, right before the closer “Vowels,” Christo Bowman, frontman of the L.A. quartet Bad Suns (the bands have toured together), appeared on stage, eliciting screams from the fans, and dove into the crowd himself (that’s him in the fourth photo in the gallery, above). The show ended with Yarger crowd-surfing, although rather precariously because fans were so intent on trying to video the moment rather than actually hold him up.

BOYO kicked off the night, followed by an energetic turn from Hot Flash Heat Wave.

Photos by Jessica Hanley