Photos: Warbly Jets at the Moroccan Lounge

Warbly Jets at the Moroccan Lounge (Photo by Jessica Hanley)
Warbly Jets at the Moroccan Lounge (Photo by Jessica Hanley)

“This is basically like our baby shower,” singer-guitarist Samuel Shea told the amped-up crowd at the Moroccan Lounge on Thursday night.

The crowd’s very presence was all Shea and his mates in the expectant Warbly Jets needed in the way of gifts. Their self-titled debut album was released the next day, and they turned up the volume for almost an hour, rekindling the flames of bands such as Primal Scream, Oasis and the Verve and making the show a gang’s-all-here affair.

The core quartet (with new drummer Ethan Snyder) welcomed a host of guests as they played the 11 songs on their debut, including a horn section for several songs (starting with “Ride,” three songs in) and soul singer Camille Lord-Wyatt for most of the second half of the set. Her heavenly wails stole the moment on “Pt. II” and added luster to the Verve-y “Getting Closer (Than I Ever Have)” and the finale, the astral, gospel-tinged anthem “Keep Pushin.” Marlon Rabenreither of Gold Star lent some guitar, bonus percussionists added congas and bongos, and in the end 13 people crowded onto the Moroccan’s cozy stage.

L.A. trio the Entire Universe — Jeffertitti Moon, Evan Snyder and Eric Lodwick — got the evening started in raucous fashion, even with Lodwick performing seated because of a busted foot.

Photos by Jessica Hanley