Photos: Thrice and Circa Survive at the Shrine

Thrice at the Shrine Expo Hall (Photo by Jazz Shademan)
Thrice at the Shrine Expo Hall (Photo by Jazz Shademan)

Almost a year and half after their last visit to the venue, Thrice returned to the Shrine Expo Hall on Friday night, the first of back-to-back shows with Circa Survice, CHON and Balance and Composure.

Back in 2016, Thrice had just released their reunion album, “To Be Everywhere Is to Be Nowhere,” and Friday’s 17-song tour de force included eight tracks they also played in the summer of ’16. But the Orange County-bred rockers have staying power (and, reportedly, a new album on the way next year), as their fans’ passionate response attests, and Friday’s set included some gems from deep in their nine-album-plus catalog. Included, for instance, were “Firebreather” and “Open Water” from their 2007-08 EP’s “The Alchemy Index,” along with “Deadbolt” from 2002’s “The Illusion of Safety” and the title track of their 2003 album “The Artist in the Ambulance.”

Circa Survive performed songs from their new album “the Amulet,” their sixth, and San Diego’s CHON played tunes from their new album “Homey,” their second.

Photos by Jazz Shademan