Stream: Cassandra Violet, ‘Invisible Man’

Cassandra Violet (photo by Polly Barrowman)

Cassandra Violet’s “Invisible Man” has her drinking all night and writing shimmering pop songs to soothe her aching heart. She says it’s a song about “being in love with someone who is never around, but you can’t get them out of your mind, and it sucks, so you try and distract yourself but nothing works. So, basically, loneliness.” The song appears on “EP4,” a new four-song collection arriving Dec. 1 that tackles vulnerable subject matter with an upbeat attitude, essentially a prescription to dance through the feelings. Much like her 2015 EP, “Body & Mind,” this album began with Violet and her loop pedal in the living room. Then she brought in Derek Howa to help produce, co-write and arrange the record. In the midst of this process, a trip to New Orleans for New Year’s Eve inspired Violet to add brass to her songs, recruiting Ryan Kern to write horn arrangements and musicians Jonah Levine and Conor McElwain to play the parts.

||| Stream: “Invisible Man”

||| Live: Cassandra Violet performs Dec. 2 at the Moroccan Lounge, along with Naomi Greene. Tickets.