Video: Los Angeles Police Department, ‘Spent’

Los Angeles Police Department
Los Angeles Police Department

“Spent” is the final song on “Los Angeles Police Department,” the sophomore album from Los Angeles Police Department and its mastermind, Ryan Pollie, who sings sad songs with a smile and still fields questions about whether he’s breaking any law by having Los Angeles Police Department as a band name. Pollie is the kind of guy who can tug a heartstring with a simple line like “I left my heart out in the rain,” not to mention somebody who imagines that his Technicolor present will someday fade to a sepia-toned memory.

The video for “Spent” is like that. It’s cut like a home movie. “It kind of shows what my life is like living in Los Angeles,” Pollie says. “Right now, the video feels like home — my friends, my girlfriend, my cat, my piano. But I think in 10 years it’ll be cool for me to look back at this video because it’s very much a moment in time.

“For example, my cat will be a lot older by then.”

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