Stream: Saro, ‘Vapor’


In the space of barely one year, alt-R&B stylist Saro has revealed an emotional circuitry every bit as complex as his songs’ sophisticated production. Saro — pronounced “sorrow” and the nom de tune of singer-songwriter Evan Windom — today released “Vapor,” the latest single from his second EP, “Boy Afraid.” Saro’s vapor is a metaphor for what happens at the end of a relationship, when you become “intangible to someone … you have changed state,” he says. “And through their grasp slips the fog of you, leaving only traces of your memory.”

Saro’s debut EP “In Loving Memory” came out last December, and “Boy Afraid” arrives almost exactly a year later. “Vapor” sees the artist again working with producer David Burris to craft a serpentine melody that finds a path to the singer’s deep sense of longing.

In addition to the new single, Saro is also featured along with Broods and Reggie Watts on “Stranded,” the new single from Australian duo Flight Facilities. The song arrived this week via a Tom Noakes-directed video that stars Lauie Sila and Jenny Wu.

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||| Live: Saro celebrates his EP release with a free show at Resident on Dec. 12.

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