Photos: Hamilton Leithauser at the Fonda Theatre

Hamilton Leithauser at the Fonda Theatre (Photo by Jessica Hanley)
Hamilton Leithauser at the Fonda Theatre (Photo by Jessica Hanley)

There’s a moment on “I Had a Dream You Were Mine” — the 2016 album by Hamilton Leithauser and Rostam — that was made for Friday’s concert at the Fonda Theatre. “The 10th of November, the year’s almost over / If I had your number, I’d call you tomorrow,” Leithauser sings in the song “A 1000 Times,” and on Friday night, the 10th November, the packed venue shouted the line along with him.

It was one of many highlights from a night with the former lead singer of the Walkmen, even if, as he acknowledged during the show, he loves L.A. but he loves New York more. “Sorry,” he allowed, “how many cities have I insulted on this tour?” He told a story about the time his New York apartment was undergoing construction and one day as he was leaving, a worker sang his lyrics to him, changing them to “I’ve fixed your apartment a thousand times, a thousand times.”

Leithauser performed other songs from “Dream” as well — “In a Blackout,” “The Truth Is,” “Sick As A Dog” and “The Bride’s Dad” among them — along with older songs such as “Alexandra” and “I Retired.” He covered Tom Paxton’s “Annie Is Going to Sing Her Song,” and for his latest single “Heartstruck (Wild Hunger),” which features Angel Olsen on the recorded version, Leithauser was joined by the night’s opening act, Courtney Marie Andrews.

Photos by Jessica Hanley