Video: Dream Wife, ‘Let’s Make Out’

Dream Wife (Photo by Joanna Kiely)
Dream Wife (Photo by Joanna Kiely)

Dream Wife are the London-based trio of Rakel Mjöll, Alice Go and Bella Podpadec, who formed in 2015 for a college art-school project (aside: what was that assignment again?) and trade in unchained, old-school punk rock. They chose their name as a sarcastic commentary on society’s objectification of women, and their music vents on themes of sexuality, empowerment and consent. And speaking of consent, there’s no shortage of that in the video that the trio released today. Basically, “Let’s Make Out” soundtracks a high school dance where all the chaperones must have passed out. The band calls the video “a light-hearted celebration of sexuality. Women are and have a right to be sexual beings. The video is silly, hedonistic and really fun. There is no shame in sexuality, there is no shame in fun. But remember; consent is key.” Dream Wife’s self-titled debut album will be out Jan. 26, and if at your high school dances they played the likes of Elastica, Sleeper and Salad, you could make out all right here.

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