Video: Björk, ‘Blissing Me’


Where 2015’s “Vulnicura” catalogued the breakdown of her marriage, Bjork describes her new album, “Utopia,” as her “Tinder album.” It’s all about dating and getting excited about new love. On “Blissing Me,” the second single she’s revealed so far, Björk sings about courtship, “two music nerds, obsessing” and “sending each other MP3s.” Dressed and made up like something between a beautiful insect and an enchanted speck of pollen, in the video Björk mimics texting this lover as harp cascades around her lyrics. Directed by Tim Walker and Emma Dalzell, the video was shot in a single take in Iceland. From the way she moves, caressing her gauzy costume, evidently single cyber-life has delivered arousing results.

“Utopia” was written, edited and structured by Björk, with five of the 14 songs co-written by Venezuelan producer Arca, and one co-written by Sarah Hopkins. Arca co-produced all the songs except one produced by Rabit. Perhaps inspired by her orchestra tour, Björk assembled and conducted a 12-piece Icelandic female flute orchestra and wrote an arrangement for Hamrahlíðarkórinn, a choir conducted by Þorgerður Ingólfsdóttir. The album was engineered by Bergur Þórisson, Bart Migal and Chris Elms, and mixed by Heba Kadry and Marta Salogni, then mastered by Mandy Parnell. “Utopia” is scheduled for release Nov. 24. That’s all the facts. … Now back to thinking about sex, and music.

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