Photos: Valerie June at the Regent Theater

Valerie June at the REgent Theater (Photo by Jessica Hanley)
Valerie June at the Regent Theater (Photo by Jessica Hanley)

Memphis-bred singer-songwriter Valerie June talked a lot Friday about about “trying to find the spaces in between.” The 35-year-old with the versatile voice did exactly that in a feel-good, 16-song set that drew largely from her most recent two albums, 2013’s “Pushin’ Against a Stone” and this year’s “The Order of Time.” Her folk-gospel-soul-pop, delivered with a wide smile, endeared her to the adoring crowd, especially in more poignant moments. “Music is medicine and it can be used for any cause,” she said, adding, “I just hope its for a good one.”

June, who played the Santa Monica Pier in August and the El Rey Theatre in June, ended her main set Friday with “Workin’ Women Blues,” dedicating it to her kindred spirits in the crowd. It got a huge roar.

Gill Landry opened the night with songs from his new album “Love Rides a Dark Horse.”

Valerie June setlist: Tennessee Time, Slip Slide On By, Man Done Wrong, Love You Once Made, Shakedown, Trainfare, Two Hearts, You Can’t Be Told, Somebody To Love, With You, The Hour, Workin’ Women Blues. Encore: If And, Astral Plane, Lonely for So Long, Got Soul

Photos by Jessica Hanley