Photos: No Parents at the Teragram Ballroom

No Parents at the Teragram Ballroom (Photo by Jessica Hanley)
No Parents at the Teragram Ballroom (Photo by Jessica Hanley)

No Parents played a wild one Friday night at the Teragram Ballroom, and where do you start with this one? The night was hosted by three emcees who did not introduce themselves but simply hyped up the crowd before each of the four bands’ sets. Beach Goons opened up the night with the Teragram already almost full.

It only took two Beach Goons songs before the moshing and crowd-surfing started, the wildness continued during sets from Jurassic Shark and Prettiest Eyes. At one point, Prettiest Eyes bassist Marcos Rodriguez dove into the crowd and played the bass in the middle of the crowd. A fan took his hat, then handed it back once he was back onstage.

Before No Parents hit the stage, one of the emcees who was dressed up as a magician did a trick of making the drum set disappear. He went over the drum set, moved his wand and then announced that the drum set would disappear by 9 p.m. tomorrow. This gag got a large cheer.

Once No Parents hit the stage, pandemonium reigned again. Zoe Reign jumped into the crowd during the second song of the set as the mosh pit grew larger and larger. The crowd got the loudest during “Hey Grandma,” screaming the lyrics back. Guitarist Ryan McGuffin wisecracked that he was so excited to play the Teragram, he got the name of the girl that first got tickets tattooed on his leg. During one song, Danny Bengston of Together Pangea joined No Parents on stage. And there was was plenty of other profane fun and flying beers.

Setlist: Looking For Lizards, I’m A Dildo, Monkey on My Back, Cock Surfer, Runaway, Shitcorn, History, Two Beers, Breed, Hey Grandma, You Got Snaked, Schadenfreude, Die Whenever, Hunting in Huntington, Mind Is Ill, UFOMG, Best Song, Caution Tape, Bully Girl, Chicks in LA, Over It.

Photos by Jessica Hanley