Photos: STRFKR, Reptaliens at the Teragram Ballroom

STRFKR at the Teragram Ballroom (Photo by Monique Hernandez)
STRFKR at the Teragram Ballroom (Photo by Monique Hernandez)

No doubt there were several return customers Saturday night at the Teragram Ballroom — fans who remembered STRFKR’s memorable night at the venue three New Year’s Eves ago. At the first of two sold-out nights this weekend, it was as if they never stopped celebrating. Joshua Hodges and his merry band of Portlanders have released one album since then, 2016’s “Being No One, Going Nowhere,” and they played almost all of it in a long, energetic set that featured dancing, crowd-surfing and costumed crazies. Fellow Portland band Reptaliens set the tone for the night with their sci-fi theatricality.

STRFKR setlist: Hungry Ghost, Tape Machine, Satellite, Kahlil Gibran, Mystery Cloud, Atlantis, Isabella of Castille, Lucky, Rawnold Gregory Erikson the Second, Sazed, Sensitive, Lazer Fight, Gyrating Hips, Hamsters, German Love, Interspace, Golden Light, Helium Muffin, Bury Us Alive, Medicine, Millions, Girls Just Want To Have Fun, Open Your Eyes, Never Ever, Filler, While I’m Alive, Being No One Going Nowhere. Encore: Leave it All Behind, Maps.

Photos by Monique Hernandez