Premiere: Glen Parks, ‘Show’

Glen Parks
Glen Parks

Glen Parks is the nom de tune of singer-songwriter Amanda Walker. The name comes from a city park in Walker’s hometown of Encinitas, home to Swami’s Beach and spectacular sunsets, which may or may not have informed Glen Parks’ affecting dream-pop. Walker had begun writing a batch of songs under her the Glen Parks moniker a few years ago, before a chance encounter with Dan Crane led to the formation of the duo Ray & Remora. Their 2016 album “Startle It Up” remains one of the most lamentably underappreciated dream-pop albums in recent memory. (Their covers EP wasn’t bad, either.)

Although some of the Ray & Remora songs began as solo tunes, “Show” is the first Glen Parks song since 2014. The first single from her work with producer/DJ LMNOP (Zachary Schwartz), Walker’s heavenly voice glides over relentlessly stuttering synths, lamenting a “love that feels like gold” dissolving into a battle of wills. There’s a battle going on — and no small amount of symbolism — in director Lina Suh’s video for “Show” as well. It stars Acacia Fisher, Marlene Garcia-King, Eric and the songwriter herself. Watch as things escalate while “Show” swirls to a climax and then recedes to a wistful finish.

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