Video premiere: PLEXXAGLASS, ‘Resist’

PLEXXAGLASS (Photo by Laurel Renee Valdez)
PLEXXAGLASS (Photo by Laurel Renee Valdez)

Singer-songwriter Alexa Joan Rae — who makes art-pop under the moniker PLEXXAGLASS — grabs and twists a catch phrase from a certain reality television show in the new single “Resist.” As in: Mr. President, you’re fired. The “unabashedly anti-Trump” song, made with Maine-based producer Kevin Billingslea, “is a call to action for all minorities who oppose the current U.S. administration,” the songwriter says.

The song might be a pretty direct broadside, but the video — which is the work of director Robert Capria and animator T. Nakayama of New York’s Actuality Films — takes a satirical approach, playing off the dual meanings of “fire.” It’s as if to say: The resistance is coming for you, Mr. Trump, and and if you persist in claiming to be the target of a “witch hunt,” well … you know what happens to witches.

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