Buzz Bands LA Show, today at noon on The Independent FM

The Independent FM

Join me at noon today for this week’s Buzz Bands LA Show on The Independent FM. I’ll have new music from Sego, Maria Del Pilar, Palm Springsteen, KERA, Foxygen, Nick Waterhouse, Potty Mouth, Mating Ritual, Amo Amo, Indiana Bradley, La Bouquet, KERA, Wes Chiller, Lost Beach and more. Plus, there are tunes from artists whose names are on our concert calendar with asterisks — Miya Folick (tonight), Golden Daze, (tonight), JR Slayer (Saturday), FEELS, Talker and MOANING among them. Find an archive of the show and the playlist below; click here to stream the show when the clock strikes 12.

MOANING, “Don’t Go”
Missing Teen, “Boys in the Attic”
Sego, “Neon Me Out”
Criminal Hygiene, “Hardly News”
Maria Del Pilar, “Let’s Go Out Tonight”
Lost Beach, “Dance Down and Crazy”
Miya Folick, “Stop Talking”
Foxygen, “Livin’ a Lie”
Claude Fontaine, “Cry for Another”
Sun Drug, “Post+Break”
Jenny Lewis, “Heads Gonna Roll”
Kyle Krone, “Vanilla Sun”
Nick Waterhouse, “Wreck the Rod”
Rachel Fannan, “All In”
FEELS, “Awful Need”
Low Hum, “Strange Love”
Potty Mouth, “Starry Eyes”
Mating Ritual, “Falling Back”
JR Slayer, “I’ll Never Leave You” (feat. Jennylee)
Talker, “Intimidated”
Amo Amo, “When I Look at You”
Wes Chiller, “Mo Nothin”
Palm Springsteen, “Hey There Cowgirl”
Luther Russell, “Deep Feelings”
The Black Watch, “Julie”
Lens Mozer, “Your Plan”
Indiana Bradley, “Under the Night”
The Gooms, “Big Head”
La Bouquet, “Sad People Dancing”
Rachel Goodrich, “Gucci”
KERA, “Bright Future Ahead” (feat. Devendra Banhart)
Butch Bastard, “Hot Blooded Heavy Handed Blues”
Golden Daze, “Took a Fall”