Los Angeles, 2011: A glossary

Buzz Bands LA covered a lot of SoCal artists in 2011 — more than 300 of them. Some albums and EPs we were only able to give a mention; others were covered via song posts, videos or live reviews. Here, alphabetically by band, is a glossary of our coverage:


Abandoned Pools, “In Silence” single — “In Silence.”
Active Child, “You Are All I See” album — “Playing House.” “Hanging On.” “Playing House” video.
The Active Set, “11” album — “Sea Legs”
Aftergloam, “Silencer” single — “Silencer.”
Daniel Ahearn, “Long Way Home” album — An interview.
The Airborne Toxic Event, “All at Once” album — “Changing” video. “All At Once” video. Live gallery. “All I Ever Wanted” video.
Airlines, “Visions” EP — “Neon Moon.”
Alexander, “Alexander” album — SXSW review. “A Million Years” video. “Let’s Win” video. Album review.
All Wrong and the Plans Change — “Twisted” cover.
Alpine Decline, “Disappearance” album — “Psychic Dissonance.”
AM & Shawn Lee, “Celestial Electric” album — “Dark Into Light.” “Dark Into Light” video.
Annie Automatic, “Don’t Look Down” album — “Dear, Charlie.”
Apex Manor, “The Year of Magical Drinking” album — “My My Mind” video.
Archer Black, “Onward and Downward” single — Video.
Aska EP — “I’m a Hunter.”
Astronaut Academy, “Astronaut Academy” album — “Mayday.”
Army Navy, “The Last Place” album — SXSW review. “Interview.” “The Long Goodbye.” “Ode to Janice Melt” video.
Sarah Ault — “Just Fine.”
AWOLNATION, “Megalithic Symphony” album — “Sail” video.
AV Club, “Whale Talk” EP — “If You Haven’t Noticed Yet.”
Mickey Avalon — “Stroke Me” video.
Avi Buffalo, “How Come?” single — “How Come?” Live FYF Fest review.


The Bangles, “Sweetheart of the Sun” album.
Barbara — “Pursuit of Happiness” cover.
Cillie Barnes — “Hey Hi.”
The Belle Brigade, “The Belle Brigade” — SXSW review. “Sweet Louise.” “Losers” video. Live review.
Jake Bellows — “Two Weeks” demo.
Best Coast, “Gone Again” single — Coachella review. “Gone Again.”, “Crazy For You” video. “When Will I Feel Love” video.
Jim Bianco, “Loudmouth” album — “Sinners.”
Big Black Delta, “BBDLP1” album — “Huggin & a Kissin.” “Capsize.” “Betamax” video.
Big Harp, “White Hat” album — “Everybody Pays.”
Big Moves, “Lanterns” EP — “Parrot.”
Bikos, “Make Your Sound Sound” album — “You Want It.”
Black Dub, “Black Dub” album — “I Believe in You.”
Black Flamingo, “Proud Head” single — “Proud Head.”
The Black Watch, “Led Zeppelin Five” album — “Emily, Are You Sleeping?”
Bleached, “Searching Through the past” 7-inch — Download.
Bleu — “How Blue” video.
Blondfire, “Where the Kids Are” single — Video.
Blondie, “Panic of Girls” album — “Mother” video.
Bowery Beasts, “Heavy You” EP — “He Was Your First Tattoo.”
Stephen Brower & the Silent Majority, “sb/sm” album — “This City.”
Jackson Browne — Live review.
Buzz Bands LA Austin 2011 Showcase.


C-Horse, “C-Horse” album — “What.”
The Californian, “The Californian” album — “The Girl in the Moon” video.
Cannoneers (fka Cannoneers of the New Command), “Cannoneers” album — “You Don’t Know.”
Capital Cities, “Safe and Sound” EP — “Safe and Sound.”
The Cards, “Move Like This” album — “Sad Song” video.
Cassettes Won’t Listen, “EVINSPACEY” album — “The Night Shines” video.
Caught a Ghost — “Sleeping at Night.” “Hold Out” video. “Sleeping at Night” video.
The Chapin Sisters, “Sweet Light” single — “Sweet Light.”
Chasing Kings — “Empathy” video.
Chop Love Carry Fire, EP — “Want Nothing.”
The Cigarette Bums, “Silverlake Garage” album — “The Odyssey.”
Cinderella Motel, “Automatic Pleasure” album — “Clearance Valentine.”
Andy Clockwise, “The Socialiate” album — “Love and War” video. More.
CMG & We Are the Night, “Golden Ghosts” album — “Who’s the Boss.”
The Cold Chills, “Lighter in the Shadows” album — “Parasite.”
Coco Morier, single — “Journey to the Center of the World.”
Cold War Kids, “Mine Is Yours” album — Coachella review. “Skip the Charades” video. “Louder Than Ever (Active Child remix).” Live FYF Fest review. “Louder Than Ever.” Video.
The Cooling Time — “Paper Thin.”
Correatown, “Pleiades” album — “Further.”
Count Fleet, “Stay here” single — “Stay Here.”
Coyol, “The Pharmacist” single — “The Pharmacist.” Video.
Crystal Antlers, “Two-Way Mirror” album — “Summer Solstice” video.
The Crystal Method — “Play for Real” video.


Daedelus, “Bespoke” album — Coachella review.
J. Irvin Dally, “Depistado” album — “Salt Water.” “Sun Room.”
Dam-Funk, “It’s My Life” single — Video.
The Damselles & the TC4 — “(I’ll Go) Running to You.”
Dante Vs. Zombies, “Oblivion” single — “Yes, I’m Stalking You” video. “Oblivion.” “Oblivion” video.
Dawes, “Nothing Is Wrong” album — “If I Wanted Someone.” Interview. “Time Spent in Los Angeles” video. Live review.
Dead Sara — “Lemon Scent.” “Weatherman” video.
The Dead Ships, “The Dead Ships” EP — “You Were Young.”
Deap Vally, “Gonna Make My Own Money” single — “Gonna Make My Own Money.”
Death Kit, singles — “Draw Blood.”
Death to Anders, “Don’t Give Up” EP — “Two Chords.”
Debate Team, “Wins Again” EP — “My Expertise.”
Delta Spirit — Coachella review.
Robert DeLong, “Codexahton” single — “Codexahton.” “Happy.”
Dengue Fever, “Cannibal Courtship” album.
Derde Verde, “Moon/Mirror” album — “Sunshine.”
Diva Dompé, “The Glitter End” album — “Glow Worm.”
Dntel — “Enya Mixes.”
The Driftwood Singers — “Coco Ellis.”
Duniven, “Take My hand” album — “Stars Far Above.” “Video.
Dum Dum Girls, “Only in Dreams” album — “Bedroom Eyes.” “Coming Down.” “Bedroom Eyes” video.


Early Winters EP — “Tough Love.”
Eastern Conference Champions, “Speak-Ahh” album — “Hurricane.” “Bull in the Wild” video. [SXSW diary, 1-6.]
Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros — “40 Day Dream” video.
The Elected, “Bury Me in My Rings” album — “Babyface.”
Electric Flower EP — “Four16.” “Circles.”
Electric Guest — “Troubleman” stream.
Elina, “Mesmerized” album — “Mesmerized” video.
Hanni El Khatib, “Will the Guns Come Out” album — “Come Alive” video. Video/documentary. “Loved One video.”
George Ellias, EP — “Ghost Town.”
Escalator Hill, “Poplar Avenue” album — “Long Way Down.” “Jupiter.”
Emperor X, “Western Teleport” album — “Canada Day”
Everest, “Into the Grey” single — “Into the Grey.”
Exitmusic, “From Silence” EP — “The Sea.”


Falling Still, “Don’t Kick the Whisky” album — “I Am the Dr” video.
Family of the Year, “St. Croix” EP — “Psyche or Like Scope” video. “St. Croix.” Video.
Davis Fetter, “Euphoria” single — “Euphoria.”
Fiction Company, “Company Ink” album — “Big Star.”
FIDLAR, “DIY/DUI” EP — “I Wanna Be Your Cocaine.”
Filter, “The Trouble With Angels” album.
Fitz & the Tantrums — “Don’t Gotta Work It Out” video.
Flora & Fauna — “Secret Preference.”
The Fling, “What I’ve Seen” EP — “Dogpile.” [“When the Madhouses Appear” album, 2010.]
Flying Lotus — “Lover Melt 2” mixtape.
Fol Chen — “So Good.”
Fonda, “Better Days” EP — “Better Days.” “Some Things Aren’t Worth Knowing.”
Fool’s Gold, “Leave No Trace” album — “Street Clothes” video. Live FYF Fest review. “Wild Window” video. “Wild Window” remix.
Foreign Born, “Keep It in Mind” single — “Keep It in Mind.”
Foster the People, “Torches” album — Coachella review. “Pumped Up Kicks” video. “Pumped Up Kicks (MNDR remix).” “Helena Beat” video. “Call It What You Want” video. “Don’t Stop (Color on the Walls)” video.
400 Blows, “Sickness and Health” album — “We Killed Like Champions.”
Frankel, “Sugar Twists Like Hurricane” album — “Double or Nothing.”
Nik Freitas, “Saturday Night Underwater” album — “Saturday Night Underwater” video.
Ruby Friedman Orchestra, “Hang Around” single — “Hang Around.”
Friend Slash Lover, “American Ones and Zeros” EP — “Breakin’ Up.”
Funeral Club, the Year of the Bloody Sevens” album — “Coming Down From Love.”
Funeral Party, “Golden Age of Knowhere” album, “Live @ the BBC” album — “New York City Moves to the Sound of LA” video.


Gardens & Villa, “Gardens & Villa” album — “Black Hills.” “Star Fire Power.”
Geoff Geis, “Princess” album — “Where Have You Been (All My Life).” Video.
George Glass, “Sunshine” EP.
The Go-Go’s, “The Beauty and the Beat” album.
Ross Golan, “The Wrong Man” — Live review.
John Gold, “A Flower in Your Head” album — “Baby It’s Your Life.”
The Goldberg Sisters, “The Goldberg Sisters” album — “Don’t Grow.” “Shush video.”
Goldenboy, “Sleepwalker” album — “Holiday.”
Golden State, “Division” album — “World on Fire.”
Goldroom, “Morgan’s Bay” single — “Morgan’s Bay.”
Good Luck Bear, “The Nearest Faraway Place” — “Interchangeable Girls.”
Rachel Goodrich, “Rachel Goodrich” album — “Wereman” video.
Gothic Tropic, “Awesome Problems” EP — “Monkey Bars.”
Greenhorse, “Happiness” EP — “The Breaathing Machine.”
Grouplove, “Grouplove” EP, “Never Trust a Happy Song” album — “Tongue Tied” video. “Colours” video.



Shana Halligan, “Paper Butterfly” EP — “Listen.” “C’est si Bon” (exclusive).
Hand, “Antiquities” EP — “Hymn for Stella.”
Hands, “Warm Night Home” single — “Magic Fingers.” “Warm Night Home.”
Handshakes, “Cryptozoology” EP — “Crimes.” “Ridge.”
Hang Glider, “Hang Glider” EP — “Ako.”
Harriet, “Tell the Right Story” EP — “I Slept With All Your Mothers.”
Billy Harvey — “Let This Be the Day.”
Barbie Hatch, “Hypertrophic Heart” album — “Stars.”
Health — Coachella review.
Tim Heidecker, “Pray for Cain” — Video.
He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister — “Escape Tonight.”
Hellogoodbye — “When We First Met.”
The Henry Clay People, “This Is a Desert” EP — “California Wildfire.” “Winter Song” video. Coachella review.
Heywood (Ben Heywood), “Skills for the Long Emergency” album — “Whispers From the Fire.” “Spectacular Violence.”
Holloys, “Sun Lungs” album — “#25.”
Julia Holter, “Tragedy” album — “Goddess Eyes.”
HoneyHoney, “Billy Jack” album — “Ohio.” “Turn That Finger Around.”
The Hopelessly Devoted, “Introducing the Hopelessly Devoted” — “Radio Radio.”
Hot As Sun, “The Desert Song” single — Video.
Howlin’ Woods, “Howlin’ Woods” album — “Boss.”
HT Heartache, “Turn Black.”
Shannon Hurley, “California” album.


The Icarus Line — “Bad Bloods.”
If By Yes, “Salt on Sea Glass” album — “You Feel Right.”
Imperial Mammoth, “Where Satellites Fall” EP — “Eyes.”
Indians, “Indians” album — “Long Way From Home.”
In the Valley Below, “In the Valley Below” EP — “Take Me Back.”
Inc., EP — “Swear.”
Incan Abraham, “Sunscreen” EP — “Third Man.”
Irontom, EP — “Mind My Halo.”


Jack’s Mannequin, “People and Things” album.
Jail Weddings, “Love Is Lawless” album — “Somebody Lonely” video.
Susan James, “Highways, Ghosts, Hearts & Home” album.
Jane’s Addiction, “The Great Escape Artist” album — “End to the Lies” video.
The Janks, “Hands of Time” album — “Dead Man.” “Hands of Time” video.
The Jealous Sound — “Your Eyes Were Shining.”
Jenny O., “Well, OK Honey” video. An interview.
The Jigsaw Seen, “Winterland” album — Review.
Barrett Johnson, “New Jerusalem” album.
Patrick Joseph, “Antiques” album — “Arsonist Blues.”
Just an Animal, “Lonely Hunter” album — “Kamikaze.” “Bombs.” [“EP One.” “EP Two.” “EP Four.” (As Red Cortez.)]


Ted Russell Kamp, “Get Back to the Land” album — “California Wildflower.”
Alex Kemp, “Rat D’Hotel” EP.
Kid Infinity, “The End Is Never Now” single — Live review.
Kiev, “Ain’t No Scary Folks In On Around Here” EP, “Be Gone Dull Cage & Others” EP — “Loot Recovered.” “3rnd.”
KING, “The Story” EP — “The Story.”
Kissing Cousins, “Unfortunate End” EP — “You Bring Me Down.” “You Bring Me Down” video.
Kitten — “Chinatown” video.
Kyle Krone — “For Those Who Think Young.”
Amy Kuney — “Gasoline Rainbows” video.


Lady Danville, “Better Side” single — “Better Side.”
LA Font, “Sharks” single — “Fine Lines” video. “Sharks.”
L.A. Girlfriend — “The Rolling Shore.”
Mark Lane — “Something New.”
League, “How Do I Know” EP — “How Do I Know.”
Learning Music Monthly, “An End Like This” album — “An End Like This.”
Leftover Cuties, “Places to Go” album — “Places to Go.”
Lesands, “Sweet Skin” EP, — “Restless Lover.”
Les Blanks, “In Country” album — “Straw Man.”
Letting Up Despite Great Faults, “Paper Crush” EP — “Teenage Tide.” “Sophia in Gold.” “Teenage Tide” video. “Sophia in Gold” video.
Light FM, “Buzz Kill City” album — “Mercy” video.
Little Brutes, “Little Brutes” EP — “Do It All Again.”
Little Red Lung, “Get on the Boat” album — “Rare Bird.”
Liquid Love Letter, “If/Then” album — “Everyone Said.”
The Living Sisters — “How Are You Doing?” video.
Local Natives — Live review.
Lonely Trees, “The Indian Sampler” EP — “Flutter” video. “Hold Your Head” video.
The Lonely Wild, “Dead End” EP — “Poor Fools.”
Sara Lov, “I Already Love You” album — “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out” cover. “Just My Heart Talkin'” video.
Love Grenades — “Pressure.”
Lovers Drugs, “Drift Off” album — “Into the Light” video.


Mad Planet — “Pieces of You” video.
Magnolia Memoir — “Broken Cup” video.
Mariachi El Bronx album — “48 Roses.” “The Bronx vs. Mariachi El Bronx” video.
Judson McKinney, “Drink the Wine” album — “People Grow Up So Slow” video.
Mariah McManus, “Nice to Meet You” album.
Mere Mortals, “Love X” album — News.
Mezzanine Owls, “Obstacle” 7-inch — “Obstacle.”
The Milk Carton Kids, “Prologue” album — “Michigan.” “Retrospect” live album.
Milo Greene — “1957” and an interview. “Autumn Tree” video.
Mind the Gap, “The Good Fight” album — “Meant to Be.”
Minutes til Midnight, “Medicate or Stimulate” single — “Medicate or Stimulate.”
The Miracals, “Give Me a Chance” EP — “Give Me a Chance.”
Miracle Parade, “Hark … and Other Lost Transmissions” album — “Sweet Tooth.”
Monstro Flora, “Between the Stars” EP — “Twenty One.”
Monte Mar, “Different Place” EP — “Wine and Camouflage.”
The Moor, “The Moor” album — “Warm Winter.” “You’ll See.”
Moving Units — Coachella review.


Terra Naomi, “To Know I’m OK” albums — “If I Could Stay.”
Jay Nash, “Diamonds and Blood” album.
The New Division, “Shadows” album, “The Rookie” EP — “Walk in the Dark.” “True Lies” video.
News of the Fire, “Motions and Hints” EP — “1996.”
David Newton & Thee Mighty Angels, “Paint the Town” EP — “Paint the Town”
Nightmare & the Cat, “Nightmare & the Cat” EP — “The Missing Year.”
NO, “Don’t Worry, You’ll Be Here Forever” EP — “Stay With Me.”
No Age — Live FYF Fest review. “Inflorescence” video. “Male Masturbation” from the Beat LA compilation.
No Joy, “Summer Is Forever” compilation EP — “Hawaii” video.
Noah & the MagaFauna, “Anthems for a Stateless Nation” album — “When You’re Down (The Slackjaw’s Serenade).”
The Nocturnes, “Aokigahara” album — “The Road.”


Obi Best, “Sentimental Education” EP — “Tropical Fish.”
Odd Future Wolfgang Kill The All — SXSW review. Coachella review.
Johnny O’Donnell & Sacramento — “The Gothic Singer” video.
Off! — SXSW review. Coachella review. Live FYF Fest review.
Of Verona, “Fall Like Roses” album — “Castles.”
Emily O’Halloran, “Morphine and Cupcakes” album — “Crying When It Hurts” video.
Oh Darling, “Brave the Sound” album — “Happiness.” “Gonna Be Yours” video.
Old Californio, “Sundrunk Angels” album — “A Cool Place in the Light.”
Olin and the Moon, “Footsteps” album — “Gonna Make You Mine.”
Omniflux, “Boy Caught in a Dress” single — “Boy Caught in a Dress.”
The One AM Radio, “Heaven Is Attached by a Slender Thread” album — “Sunlight.” “Everything Falls Apart” video. “Sunlight” video. “In a City Without Seasons” video. “A Rush and a Push and the Land Is Ours” (cover).
100 Monkeys, “Liquid Zoo” album.
One Trick Pony, “Try Not to Worry Too Much” album — “Andrew Jackson.”


Pageants — “Cacti for Clothes.”
Papa, “A Good Woman Is Hard to Find” EP — “I Am the Lion King.” “I Am the Lion King” video.
Patrolled by Radar, “Be Happy” album — “Widow Next Door.”
The Peach Kings, “Trip Wop” EP — “Thieves and Kings.”
Pebs, “Sweet Surrender” album — “We Drove All Night.”
Paulie Pesh, “Post Mortem” EP — “Post Mortem.”
People — “Peace and Quiet” video.
Pepper Rabbit, “Red Velvet Snow Ball” album — “Murder Room.” “Harvest Moon” video.”
Chris Pierce, “I Can Hear You” album — “Looking for the Spark.”
Pisces, “Voodoo” single — Video.
Pizza!, “Riding through the Jungle” single — “Riding Through the Jungle” remix.
Polls, “Mouth of a Fox” 7-inch — “Mouth of a Fox.”
Pollyn, “Living in Patterns” albums — “How Small We Are” video. “Sometimes You Just Know.”
Ponyboy, “Ponyboy” EP — “Saints & Liars.”
Post War Quartet — “Contemporary Nightmare.”
Poweraxe, “Slaughter the Animals, Poison the Earth” EP — “Frostgiant.”
Princeton, “Clamoring for Your Heart” single — “To the Alps” video. “Clamoring for Your Heart.” “The Electrician” video.
Professor Calculus, “Chare” EP — “New Song.”
Psychic Friend — “Once a Servant.”
Public Jones, “The Fall” album — “Disconnected” video.


The Quick Hellos, “Greetings & Salutations” EP — “Fence.”
Races, “Big Broom” EP — “Big Broom.” Interview/download.
Rademacher, “Baby Hawk (Parts I and II of III) albums — “They Are Always Into That.” “Honestly.”
Rainbow Arabia, “Boys and Diamonds” album — “Without You” video.
Raw Geronimo, “Faustine” 7-inch — Video.
Red Hot Chili Peppers, “I’m With You” album.
The Remainers, “Formal Fridays” EP — “House.”
Ringside, “Lost Days” album — Video.
Risers, “Risers” EP — “A Current Affair.”
Rival Sons, “Pressure and Time” album — “Pressure and Time” video.
Robotanists, “Plans In Progress” album, “The King of Limbs [In 24 Hours]” album — “On/Off the Ledge.” Video. Radiohead cover album.
Rooney, “Eureka” album.
Arrica Rose & the …’s, “Let Alone Sea” album — “We Made Out Alright.”
Haroula Rose, “These Open Roads” album — “Simple Time” video.
The Ross Sea party, “Plains of Id” EP — “Broken Arrows.”
Carina Round, “The Last Time” single — “The Last Time.”
Nicholas Ruth, “Try Again” single — Video.


Saint Motel, “Puzzle Pieces” 7-inch — “Puzzle Pieces.” A remix. “Puzzle Pieces” video. “At Least I Have Nothing.”
George Sarah (and Angela McCluskey) — “Anna.”
Ximena Sariñana, “Ximena Sariñana” album — “Different.” “Shine Down” video.
Chris Schlarb, “Pyschic Temple” album.
Brandon Schott, “13 Satellites” album.
Libbie Schrader, “Magdalene” album.
Lucy Schwartz, “Keep Me” EP.
The Sea of Cortez, “Make It Sound” album — Review, with downloads.
Seasons — “Of Our Discontent” video.
David Serby, “Poor Man’s Poem” album.
7Horse, “7Horse” album — “Meth Lab Zoso Sticker.”
Seven Saturdays, “Secret Things” remix EP — “True Romance” video.
Shadow Shadow Shade — “Say Yes” video. “Your Perfect Wilderness” video.
The Sharp Ease — “LA Mist” video.
Short Circuit, “Late Night Drive” EP — “How We Speak.”
The Sister Ruby Band, “In Cold Blood” album — “Straight Into Your Heart.”
She Wants Revenge, “Valleyheart” album.
Ari Shine, “Ghost Town Directory” album — “It’s a Go.” “Ship in a Bottle” video.
Sing the Body Electric, “It’s Totally Bedtime” single — An interview.
Skull Tape — “Crop Circles” video.
Skyline Drive — “Bartering Line.”
Slang Chickens, “My Floor” EP — “My Floor.”
David Shane Smith, “Shampoo” EP — “Shampoo.”
SoKo — “No More Home, No More Love” video.
Maxime Sokolinksi — “Feels Like” video. (Originally posted anonymously)
Soft Pipes, “Stay Pretty” EP — “Stay Pretty.” “Sleeper.”
Soft Swells, “Every Little Thing” single — “Every Little Thing” video.
So Many Wizards, “Inner City” 7-inch — “Inner City.” “Best Friends” video.
Son Ark, “Going to the Woods” single — “Going to the Woods.”
Sam Sparro, “Pink Cloud” EP — Video. “Pink Cloud” EP.
Spindrift, “Classic Soundtracks Vol. 1” album — “Space Vixens Theme” video.
The Spires, “Forever City Chorus” album — “Waves.”
Spirit Vine — “Cold Living.”
Standing Shadows, “Freakshow” EP — “Freakshow.”
Starving for Gravity, “Demon in Me” single — “Demon in Me.”
Steffaloo — “The Red Runs Free.”
Stone Darling, “I Stopped Missing You Today” single — “All I Wanna Do.” “I Stopped Missing You Today.”
Strange Markings, “Lightly Asleep” EP — “Ghost Town.”
The Submarines, “Love Notes/Letter Bombs” album — “Fire.” “Birds.”
Summer Darling — “Son” video.
Sunshine Factory — “Lower Away.”
Superhumanoids, “Mikelah” single — “Malta.” “Malta video.” “Malta (Lesands remix).” “Mikelah.” “Mikelah” video.
Swahili Blonde, “Psycho Tropical Ballet Pink” album — “Purple Ink” video.


Tall Tales and the Silver Lining, “Nice to Meet You Again” album — “Dyed in the Wool.”
Tashaki Miyaki, “Tashaki Miyaki” EP —Â “Somethin’ Is Better Than Nothin’.”
Taylor Locke & the Roughs — “Tarred, Feathered & Scarlett Leathered” and an interview.
Tennis System, “Teenagers” album — “Hey We Tried.” “Arcane” video.
Terraplane Sun, “Coyote” album — “Funnel of Love.”
Thurlow, “Spokes” EP, “Walking Heart” EP — “The Hour Glass.” “Through Your Eyes.”
Tic Tic Boom!, “Reasons and Rhymes” EP — “Bees.”
Tijuana Panthers — Live FYF Fest review.
Mia Doi Todd, “Cosmic Ocean Ship” album — “All My City” video.
Touché, “Everything He Wants” single — Video.
Torches (fka Torches in Trees), “Dirt & Tears” single — “Our Daughters.” “Dirt & Tears video.” “Feeling of a Figure” video.
Toy Camera, “Blissful Youth” EP — “Tall Trees.”
Two Guns, “Far People in Far Places” album — “Happening.”
2Cellos — “Welcome to the Jungle” video.
2 Hearts and Chemicals, “Coming Home” EP — “Coming Home.”


Uh Huh Her, “Nocturnes” album — “Another Case” video.
United Ghosts, “Holes Into the Night” 7-inch — Video.


Vanaprasta, “Healthy Geometry” — Video. “G-.” “Supernumerary.” “Nine Equals Nine.” An interview.To Haiti with Love” compilation.
Vanish Valley, “Get Good” album — “Races” and “The Bottom.”
Vanity Loves Company compilation.
Vicky Cryer, “Vicky Cryer” EP — “Expensive Love.”
Victory, “Demonstrations” EP — “Kicker.”
Voxhaul Broadcast, “Timing Is Everything” album, “Between Love and War” EP — Interview. “Leaving on the 5th” video. “Broken Nerve.”
Evan Voytas, “Feel Me” EP — “Tomorrow Night We’ll Go Anywhere” video. “Nothing Compares 2 U” (cover).


Wake Up Lucid, “Sugar” EP — “Paint Your Lips.”
Walking Sleep, “The Tarp Sessions” album — “She’s Been Lying.” “Someone Who Could Be Loved.”
Walter Meego, “Wondervalley” album — “Starlight.”
Warpaint — “Warpaint” video.
Warships, demos — “Haymaker.”
War Widow, “War Widow” album — “No Means Yes.” “Chambray” video.
Nick Waterhouse, “Is That Clear” 7-inch — “I Can Ony Give You Everything” video.
We Barbarians, “Headspace” 7-inch — “Headspace.”
The Western States Motel, “Freeway Freeway Riverbed” album — “Country and Western Song.” “All the Stars.”
White Arrows, “Get Gone” single — “Save Me a Place” video. “Get Gone.”
White Sea — “Mountaineer” video.
Wilding, “Wilding” EP — “Lessens.”
Amanda Jo Williams, “Mary’s Big Feet” album — “Homeheart.”
Devon Williams, “Euphoria” album — “Your Sympathy”/interview.
Willoughby — “Frankenstein” video.
Jonathan Wilson, “Gentle Spirit” album — “Natural Rhapsody” video. Interview.
The Wind — “Oh Hadihu.”
Mack Winston & the Reflections, “Shake It All Night” EP — “Stick Together.”
Wires in the Walls, “New Symmetry” album — “The Ringer.”
Chelsea Wolfe, “Apokalypsis” album — “Mer.” “I Let Love In” cover. “Sunstorm” video.
Henry Wolfe, “Linda Vista” album — “Open the Door” video.
Brian Wright — “Live Again” video.


Kristeen Young, “V the Volcanic” EP.
Y LUV — “All Night.” “Keep It Rollin’.”
Youngblood Hawke, “Youngblood Hawke” EP — “Rootless.”
Young the Giant, “Young the Giant” album — “My Body” video. “Cough Syrup” video.
Young Hunting singles — “Rust.” “Into Yr Mind.”
The Young Romans — “Merciful Stars.”
yOya, “Nothing to Die” album — “Lovers On.”
Zola Jesus, “Conatus” album — “Vessel.” “Vessel” video.

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