Photos: Dent May at the Highland Park Ebell Club

Dent May at the Highland Park Ebell Club (Photo by Samuel C. Ware)
Dent May at the Highland Park Ebell Club (Photo by Samuel C. Ware)

Dent May brought his psychedelic/New Wave indie-rock to the cozy Highland Park Ebell Club on Wednesday night after a month-long tour across the U.S. to support his latest album “Across the Multiverse.”

Not long after playing the 2012 song “Home Groan” (“Don’t wanna move to Southern California / I wasn’t really meant for L.A.”), he told the crowd, it was “good to be playing at the Highland Park Ebell Club,” adding that he “didn’t want to reveal too much … but I live very close by, so please don’t stalk me. Or stalk me,” with the raise of an eyebrow. He performed songs that spanned his catalog, and anytime he played an “old” song he would shout out the “Dent May-niacs” who had been there since the early days.

Shannon Lay, who joined Dent May for the tour, opened the show with her beautiful solo work. Joined this time by a full band consisting of Laena Geronimo (Feels) on violin, Nick Murray on drums and Graham Chapman on bass, her calming indie-folk songs filled the lofty room and truly captured the crowd. So much so that after one of her softer songs, Lay shared her appreciation towards the crowd by explaining that she had never experienced such silence during a show.

Confusing Mix of Nations (aka CMON) opened the show with their electronic looping mix of guitar, synth, keys and vocals.

Photos and recap by Samuel C. Ware