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Ears Wide Open: Calvin Love


Calvin Love originally moved to L.A. from his native Edmonton, Canada, to ply his guitar skills for gone-but-not-forgotten indie rockers Red Cortez. In the background and around tours, Love embarked on a solo project he describes as “lo-fi bedroom pop” that, as many ventures of its kind do these days, trades in the gone-but-being-remembered sounds […]

Download: Just an Animal, ‘Kamikaze’


Just an Animal’s debut album “Lonely Hunter” (out Tuesday) marks a radical turn for the Los Angeles quartet formerly known as Red Cortez, and it’s almost all for the better. Gone is the self-conscious, guitar-heavy rock ’n’ soul of the foursome’s early recordings, which (first under the name the Weather Underground) produced a series of […]

Ears Wide Open: Just an Animal (f/k/a Red Cortez)


For Harley Prechtel-Cortez, Ryan Kirkpatrick, Diego Guerrero, and Calvin J. Love – the guys Los Angeles knew as Red Cortez – it was a matter of “recalibrating our ears.” That’s how Kirkpatrick described the quartet moving on and becoming Just an Animal, whose music bears only a faint resemblance to the amped-up rock-and-blues Red Cortez, […]

Dhani Harrison

Download: Red Cortez, ‘EP Two’ (and more)


[Playing a little weekend catch-up …] For a band that hasn’t yet released a full-length album, Red Cortez has a pretty formidable catalog of songs. That much is evident in the sets the L.A. quartet has played the first to weeks of their Satellite residency, and in the free, four-song EPs Harley Prechtel-Cortez (pictured) and […]


Download: Red Cortez, ‘EP One’


Just in time for tonight’s kickoff of its residency at the Satellite, Red Cortez has released the first of four free EPs the L.A. quartet will issue this month. Some of those songs figure to be a taste of the hard-charging rock’n’ soul planned for Red Cortez’s long-awaited debut album “Virgin Ideas.” The foursome of […]

Lone Kodiak at Satellite

Circle V


Haunted Summer

The Hi Hat

Dhani Harrison