We listen to a lot of music at Buzz Bands HQ. We’ll try to get to yours. Submissions that include download links (no big attachments, please) to mp3s (especially if you are an L.A. band wishing to be considered for play on one of Bronson’s  radio shows) or direct links to embeddable online streams are preferred over entreaties that merely say “Check out our Facebook/Spotify/Deezer/MySpace/Bandcamp/Etc.” In fact, direct pitches via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud or MySpace will pretty much be routinely ignored. Leaving a comment on a post about somebody else’s music is bad form too. If you send an mp3, please specify whether you give Buzz Bands permission to post/share the song. A bio and press photo are also helpful. Did we mention hitting us up on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter (or LinkedIn, or Ello, or Friendster) is not a good idea?

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