Premiere: Slowtrip, ‘Fold and Run’


In an age when online personas can be only loosely based on reality, it’s easy to be impressed. Especially by yourself. L.A. rockers Slowtrip are here to remind you to check yourself.

The band’s new single “Fold and Run” is a hard, loud look in the mirror, exemplary of what the band does best: make muscular, crunchy alt-rock reminiscent of the post-grunge era. Slowtrip’s members, all of whom come from hardcore music backgrounds, are no strangers to songs that get in your face. Here, though, Alfredo “Tank” Pedrozo (who also plays in Rotting Out), John Alaimo (ex-The Greenery) and Dan Mayo (ex-The Greenery) channel their brawn into a roiling, melodic 2 1/2 minutes.

“‘Fold and Run’ is essentially about thinking you are a better person than you actually are, and realizing that you’ve been lying to yourself,” Alaimo says.

The tune is the follow-up to Slowtrip’s debut EP, “Blur,” released last year via Anchor Eighty Four. If big guitars drive you, Slowtrip’s a good outfit to have at the wheel.

||| Stream: “Fold and Run”