Stream: Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 135)

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Maybe you’re stuck in rainy-day traffic, or, worse, among the huddled masses at an airport, hoping to get from Point A to Point B as painlessly as possible. (Fingers crossed for you.) May we suggest Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 135) as a diversion. One of our most eclectic mixes in the series, it starts off vibey, whiplashes you to harder stuff and then glides in for a gentle landing. Herein you will find the Nicolas Godin/Cola Boyy and Freedom Fry/Clara-Nova collaborations, along with songs from X, the Black Watch, Wajatta, Sophie Bom, the Colour Coast, Jenna Putnam, Nostalghia, Jane Holiday and more. Dig in below, and to get more info on the artists, find the links beneath the player.

||| Stream: Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 135)

Nicolas Godin, “The Foundation” (feat. Cola Boyy)
Wajatta, “Don’t Let Get You Down”
The Undercover Dream Lovers, “Plane Ride”
Freedom Fry, “Matchstick” (feat. Clara-Nova)
Nostalghia, “Heroin”
Jenna Putnam, “Hold Still”
X, “Delta 88 Nightmare”
The Black Watch, “Crying All the Time”
The Colour Coast, “Now I’m an Ocean”
Crown Plaza, “Perfect People”
Sofia Bolt, “Heart Is a Rock”
Jane Holiday, “Pocket Dial”
Mega Low, “Reminders”
Future Feats, “Runway”
Sophie Bom, “Kimono Mix”
Pluralone, “Fall From Grace”