Photos: Festy Baby, with Collapsing Scenery, Ariel Beesley, Slip and more, at the Lodge Room

Ariel Beesley at Festy Baby at the Lodge Room (Photo by Notes From Vivace)

The third annual Festy Baby arrived at the Lodge Room on Saturday night with a bundle of energy and an eclectic seven-band lineup. Best of all, it had a big heart, with a chunk of the proceeds going to the Renaissance Arts Academy.

The performers came from virtually all corners of L.A.’s independent scene, with music that pushed boundaries and burst with intrepid spirit. One needed only to witness the night-closing set by cinematic art-rockers Collapsing Scenery to know that strange new worlds await exploration.

Two of the night’s artists were showcasing material from new albums. Taylor Brown’s solo project Slip performed songs from their Yorke-ian new full-length “The Cost,” and VS Colour shook bodies with the punk-funk from their new release “Entitled.”

No less compelling were Ariel Beesley, performing a a set of danceable pop-rock a la the Go-Go’s, and Andy Clockwise, telling his musical “War Stories” (the title of his forthcoming album) with typical fervor, spending a good portion of the set singing from in the crowd. “I’m drunk. Take a step forward and stop being annoying,” he joked.

Then there was Annabelle Maginnis and her euphoric mix of neo-soul, art-pop and hip-hop. She finished her set with a full ensemble providing some sublime harmonies.

Edgar Everyone, the new project from drummer-producer Jules De Gasperis, started the night.

Photos by Notes From Vivace