Video premiere: Draag, ‘Ghost Leak’

Draag (Photo by Devonte Johnson)

Ambient-shoegaze-psychedelic-industrial rockers Draag have been favorites of the L.A. underground (and have earned all those hyphens) since they released their debut album in 2014. Like 2015’s “Traci Lordz” EP and other music that followed, it’s now hard to find.

After a period fraught with illness and personal turmoil, last year brought a fever-dream of an EP, “Nontoxic Process,” and now the quintet — founder Adrian Acosta, with Jessica Huang, Nick Kelley, Ray Montes and Shane Graham — are working on another. “Clara Luz,” co-produced by Jon Nuñez of Florida stoner rock band Torche, will be out Feb. 21.

Like their live shows, the melancholy first single “Ghost Leak” is immersive and beguiling, rippling like light reflected off a dark pool, a four-minute apparition. It’s a paean to a departed friend, the ethereal, deep-in-the-mix vocals confessing, “I meant to tell you this earlier / but my heart was in a tank / I’ve lost control of who I am / and need to come back.”

“‘Ghost Leak’ is the feeling of being completely invisible and inconsequential,” Huang says. “‘Ghost Leak’ is also a message to someone we lost — to let them know they weren’t invisible.”

The video, directed by Acosta and Huang, is a solemn interpretation of the tragedy, as Huang is “there” but “not there.” Watch closely.

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