Video: Devon Williams, ‘In Babylon’

Devon Williams

There’s Sturm und Drang, and then there’s strum and jangle. It is the latter method that Devon Williams wormed his way in our hearts with three albums between 2008 and ’14.

Since then? “It took me six years to get my brain organized,” the L.A. singer-songwriter writes on Facebook in introducing “A Tear in the Fabric,” his first album in six years. “Birth, death, illness, love, mental health, happiness, obsessions, dogs, work, traffic, bills – things we all deal with. I had so much help from many patient and creative people.”

The first single, “In Babylon,” is a typically lush meditation that recalls the subtler guitar heroes of the past (Felt, perhaps?). “It’s hard to trust the imaginary / Second-guessing a dream / You don’t know what you are anymore / Is there a perfect world in the normal life?” Williams wonders, sounding every bit like a man who’s spent some time searching for answers that might still elude him.

“A Tear in the Fabric” is out May 1 via Slumberland Records.

||| Watch: The video for “In Babylon”

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