Ears Wide Open: The Reflectors

The Reflectors

There’s something about power-pop that makes it the perfect soundtrack for summertime. (Maybe this is a generational thing? You tell us.) The early singles from the Reflectors makes you wanna gas up the convertible, gather up some friends and head for the drive-in, maybe breaking a few speed limits along the way.

The L.A. quartet is comprised of singer-guitarists James Carman and Nick Faciane, bassist Ryan Miranda and drummer Johnny Reyes (the former three were previously bandmates in Images). Their debut album “First Impression,” made with Jonny Bell at Jazzcats Studio in Studio City, comes out Friday via Burger Records, just in time for warmer weather.

Coming down on the punkier side of power-pop, the album is chock full of toothy guitars, monster hooks and lyrical vignettes right out of the next summer teen caper flick. Ten songs, 27 minutes — the Reflectors get in and out of your face faster than that stick of gum you’re chewing (you’re liable to want to put a fresh one in). The Buzzcocks, the Undertones, Guided by Voices and the Nerves all come mind. And, yes, some tasteful guitar solos are involved.

||| Stream: “Champagne” and “Desert Crusader”

||| Also: Watch the video for “Storm and Thunder”