Ears Wide Open: Casper Sun

Casper Sun

Using the alias Casper Sun, Edward Chao surprised fans last week by releasing a new EP, “Sad Summer,” and a music video featuring his single “Tite Jams.” The Los Angeles-based singer, rapper and producer compiled three dreamy tracks that are best listened to when lying down, staring at the ceiling while time slowly ticks away.

Sun took a break from working on his full-length debut album to make this project, which follows up two EP’s released in 2018 and ’19, “Blue Matter” and “Pink Matter,” respectively. This mini-diversion reflects on the realities of what this year’s summer is turning out to be, following lockdowns and recent social justice protests.

The EP consists of two songs that Sun wrote within a week, “Visions” and “Happiness in a Bottle.” “Tite Jams,” on the other hand, is finally seeing the light of day after being in Sun’s arsenal since last year.

The new tracks are relatable, as Sun sings of the fever dream that almost everyone is trying to fight off in 2020. Sun blends mellow indie ballads with cadences of hip-hop while singing about loneliness, despair and a tinge of hope. His second track, “Visions,” stands out as the most upbeat pop single in the EP. While Sun reminisces of a daydream that he had of a far-away lover in the song, there’s an urge to sadly bop to the melodic tune.

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