Tonight in L.A.


[79 years ago: Black Tuesday…today: Blue Wednesday?…]

muslims2Red Cortez (formerly the Weather Underground) debut their new lineup and new name at the Silverlake Lounge with the Flashing Red Lights. … San Diego rockers The Muslims [pictured] perform a free in-store at Amoeba at 7pm. …Spinnerette plays Spaceland’s Clum NME. … From Germany, the Notwist finish up their stay in America at the Henry Fonda Theatre. … Juliette Commagere finishes off her residency at Tangier with the help of Dawes and Alex and Sam. … Elani Mandell is at the Redwood Bar. … Barcelona is at the Roxy. … And the New York Dolls bring their lipstick rock up to the Majestic Theater in Ventura.
[photo taken from The Muslims’ myspace page]