Ears Wide Open: Andrew Lynch, Nite Jewel


Sometimes Andrew Lynch seems like he’s everywhere. And maybe he is. The multi-instrumentalist has played alongside, or worked in the studio with, Afternoons, the Amateurs, the Black Pine, Castledoor, Earlimart, the Poor Excuses and Radars to the Sky, to name a handful. The Alaska native’s solo work merits attention too, for its occasionally playful and dreamy and always melodic qualities. He’s finishing up a full-length album, “Sun Incisions,” that features guests from Earlimart, Eagle and Talon, the Vacation and Film School.

||| Download: “My Head Around”


Nite Jewel’s quirky, low-fi electro-pop is the vision of multi-instrumentalist Ramona Gonzalez [pictured], an Occidental College student, and multimedia artist Emily Jane. The debut album “Good Evening” – which wears its unvarnished textures and beats well – is out next week on Human Ear Music, home to Ariel “Pink” Rosenberg, among others. After dates at South by Southwest, Nite Jewel returns to L.A. for and April 26 date at the Smell.

||| Download: “Weak for Me”