Coachella: Mike Patton & Rahzel rock the tent


[Contributor Monica Alvarez was elsewhere during the big McCartney headlining set:]

One thing I can guarantee anyone who missed this gem of a set: You’re going to kind of hate yourself if you ever get to see the footage on YouTube.”  Mike Patton & Rahzel partied hearty in the Mojave Tent, scoring one for the avant garde while elevating beatboxing and sampling to a frenzied art. After several requests for “more low end” and even more Twittering/YouTube love, Rahzel “made the subs crackle,” while the those in attendance grooved to the beats and enjoyed the cool breeze of the evening. Mike Patton is and will always be Patton: He was on point and in amazing spirits, considering the fact that he and Rahzel were up against Macca for that time slot.

The pair not only covered “Ebony and Ivory” but they also treated the crowd to other hits, like Eric Clapton’s “Cocaine.””  Patton was sure to point out that “(McCartney) was playing the hits and (he and Rahzel) were playing the shits,” which included scanning through local radio stations and improvising spitting their beat-boxing skills over songs like Whitney Houston’s “Saving All My Love For You.” Halfway through the show I noticed a couple had brought their kids to the show – one of their kids on those disturbing leash contraptions and their youngest in a stroller. I thought, “Those parents have good taste. The future of their seeds looks bright.”