Join Buzz Bands on June 15 at the Echoplex



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About nine months ago, to no fanfare whatsoever, I used my laptop and some change rescued from under the seats of my car to launch BuzzBands.LA, a blog that, in a manner, continued the column I did for the Los Angeles Times for seven years. I’ve been flattered by the attention and support BuzzBands.LA has received, and on Monday, June 15, I’d like to celebrate a little by throwing a party at the Echoplex. There will be four bands playing, DJ Ana Calderon spinning tunes between sets and maybe another surprise I’ll announce right before the show. Thanks to Filter magazine and Indie Printing for their assistance. As always, patronizing the bands’ merch tables and tipping your bartenders are karmic requisites.

Note: Admission to the Echo and Echoplex on June 15 is free. Patrons should use the Sunset Boulevard entrance for both shows, and will be able to use the stairwell to commute between venues. Upstairs at the Echo that night: Oliver Future continues its Monday residency.

I’ve prepared a four-song podcast with a song apiece from the four bands playing on this guitar-heavy night. On a whim, I chose two older songs and two newer ones. The tracklist: 1) The Broken Remotes, “Let’s Make This Worth the Regret,” off 2006’s “Tonight’s Last Stand.” 2) Magic Mirror, “The Holiday,” off their latest, “Champagne and Hostages.” 3) Amusement Parks on Fire, “Venus in Cancer,” off 2005’s self-titled debut. 4) The Lassie Foundation, “Under the Moon,” off an song EP released last year. Enjoy.

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The Lassie Foundation – The long-running but lamentably overlooked SoCal outfit, notable for their “popgazer” aesthetic, resurfaced last year with a new three-song EP. TLF guitarist Jeff Schroeder, who joined the Smashing Pumpkins’ live lineup two years ago, has helped the Foundation beef up their sound considerably.

Amusement Parks on Fire – This quintet from Nottingham, U.K., seems as informed by American grunge bands as they are British shoegazers, and the hybrid is exhilarating. Having suffered the fate of being on the V2 label, APOF hasn’t gotten the attention it deserved either; the fivesome is in L.A. recording their third full-length album.

Magic Mirror – The L.A. quintet’s psych-rock noir, flavored in places by Spanish guitar, is a little more song-oriented than the dronier stylings of pals like the Brian Jonestown Massacre and the Warlocks. The sonically diverse “Champagne and Hostages,” the debut MM released last year, also displays songriter Matthew Lindgren’s affection for the likes of Nick Cave.

The Broken Remotes – This year’s release of the “Boxer’s Arm” single on JaxArt Records augured good things for the full-length album that the L.A. band has in the works. [That tune was included on Buzzsicle 5.] Agitated guitars, whipsmart lyrics and the occasional sonic paroxysm make the Remotes well worth your time.

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