Downloads: Spinnerette, the Ruse



Brody Dalle’s post-Distillers project Spinnerette kicks it into high gear this month – the band’s self-titled debut is out June 23, and the song “Rebellious Palpitations” alone is almost enough to make you forget the Distillers, if you hadn’t already. The frontwoman [pictured with bandmate Tony Bevilacqua] brings her live band to the Troubadour on June 24; it won’t include guitarist Alain Johannes (Eleven, Queens of the Stone Age), who produced the album, but will include Bevilacqua (Distillers), Vincent Hidalgo, Dave Hidalgo Jr. and Bryan Tulao.

||| Download: “Rebellious Palpitations”

Note: In an earlier version of this post, I had the photo ID’d incorrectly. Sorry for the brain cramp.


Local four-piece the Ruse don’t color outside the lines enough for me to turn somersaults [album review], but they are quite adept at crafting outsized, U2-style anthems (and at delivering them live, when I saw them a couple of months ago). Fans of that aesthetic should take note that the quartet has the iTunes Single of the Week this week, “Beautiful Is Gone.” They play the Troubadour on July 9, and as a bonus, here’s a live version of “Swallow You.”

||| Download: “Beautiful Is Gone” and “Swallow You” (live)